To realize the benefits of your Office 365 investment, you need to inspire and enable your employees to act.

Change Management

To realize the benefits of your Office 365 investment and ensure people are productive from day one.

Internal Marketing

To create excitement and motivate your people to learn.


To guide your team to success, sharing best practices from similar projects.

Self Service Resources

To sustain the change we deliver Quick Start guides, on-demand videos, infographics, and other visual aids.

Are you ready to realize the value of your Office 365 investment?

Why choose Change Champions Consulting as your Office 365 Success Partner?

Adoption is all we do!

Helping people embrace change and adopt technology is the sole focus of our work.

Proven approach. Proven results

We have a consistent approach to change management, based on Microsoft’s Fast Track methodology and years of experience with some of the world’s largest organizations including Finning, Vancity, BC Hydro, Teck Resources, Fortis BC, and others.

Deep Microsoft experience

Our team has led Office 365 adoption efforts in some of BC’s largest organizations.

Beyond a single learning event

We go beyond one-off, “check the box” courses and focus on changing and measuring behaviors to elicit long-term cultural change.

What is the value for you?

Decrease IT spend

Associated with the need to maintain various redundant applications and calls to your Help Desk.

Be more secure

Empower employees to make smart decisions on their own.

More productivity

The typical employee is unware of what Office has to offer or only leverages 10% of its capabilities. Make your employees more productive and deliver value to your organization.

Don’t leave value on the table

Realize the full value of your Microsoft investment by making good use of what you already have.

Ensure your people are ready, willing, and able to use all the great features of Office 365.