What is a Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE)?

CIE gives you a chance to explore the art of possible in a realistic and safe environment. Sessions are carried out in a scenario-based format that encourage learning. We can customize each session based on your organization’s needs and use cases. Our team act as facilitators and encourage discussion that benefits your organization and your business goals. Oftentimes, this process leads to deep conversations and many “AHA!” moments. CIE is immersive learning at it’s best: interactive, experiential and fun!

You should attend CIE if:

  • You would like to understand what to use and when in the Office 365 stack
  • You have invested in Microsoft 365 and would like to leverage your investment to the fullest
  • You would like to create awareness and motivate the key stakeholders in your organization to adopt Microsoft Office 365
  • You are Migrating to Office 365
  • You are just curious and want to learn more about Office 365 and how it works

Learn through practical business challenges and scenarios
We tailor the experience to your specific business challenges and needs! By the end of the session, you will understand fully how Microsoft 365 can help solve your business challenges.

Learn collaboratively
Through continuous dialogue, conversation, and real-time collaboration, you will learn about Microsoft 365 and come away with a broader view of how to address your business challenges.

A relaxed and fun learning experience
CIE is about you! CIE is your opportunity to explore Microsoft 365, ask questions, and learn from one another.

To inquire about booking a session, please contact us today at: info@changechampionsconsulting.com

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