We are a change management firm that specializes in digital and cultural transformations. Our mission is to help organizations—and their people—be more impactful. Whether you are looking to introduce a new technology, implement a new idea, or want to become a more effective leader, we can help.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Our proprietary Cybersecurity Awareness Program enables IT to outsource employee security awareness and engagement efforts—letting you focus on what you do best.

Office 365

We help organizations realize the benefits of their Office 365 investments and unlock value.

Change Management Certification

We develop teams and people capable to lead change and drive accelerated results.

Change Management Consulting

Our change management consulting services can help you get the buy-in required to realize the benefits of your change efforts.

Developing Change Management Skills at STEMCELL Technologies

STEMCELL Technologies Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company that develops specialty cell culture media, cell isolation systems, and accessory products for life science research.

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Effectively Deploying a New Expense Management Portal

Our client wanted to introduce a new Expense Management portal in their head office. The system was meant to deliver better control and replaced the current expense process.

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Increasing the Speed of Adoption Among Employees Globally

The client – a large mining firm—wanted to implement a new software application in one of their Chilean sites. The new system was meant to make their operations safer by allowing people to better report.

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