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How To Create a Microsoft Teams Adoption Plan

When it comes to rolling out Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 broadly, the journey from the implementation to benefit realization is not linear. More often than not, we see a “dip” in productivity and proficiency that can affect your employees. The “dip” is a natural reaction to change rooted in employees feeling unprepared to perform

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microsoft teams governance best practices

Planning for Microsoft Teams Governance: Guide + Best Practices

Planning for Microsoft Teams Governance: Guide + Best Practices Before diving into user adoption, organizations should create a plan for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams governance. Time invested in a thoughtful governance review and implementation will pay dividends during and after your adoption campaign, including a smoother rollout, better user experience, and fewer help desk

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How to Choose a Change Management Certification for Your Organization?

What Change Management is Change Management is a relatively new discipline that has grown in popularity in the past few years. More than ever before, leaders need to be able to inspire employees to action and it is not enough to be good of your job only. Change management, in simple terms, is about being

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The Best Microsoft 365 Adoption Resources for IT Professionals

Over the past few years, Microsoft has done a great job at compiling adoption best practices and resources. To help you in your adoption journey, we put together a list of our favorite resources. If you have questions or need help, please get in touch. Microsoft 365 Adoption Created by the Microsoft Adoption team, this

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How can tech help build a strong corporate culture

How can tech help build a strong corporate culture?

Whoever said that culture is the new currency hit the nail right on the head. According to recent studies by Deloitte, with the right culture, organizations are not only able to retain sought-after talent, but they also attract top-tier candidates. So how can you foster corporate culture and make it last, and how can technology enable this

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Skype for Business vs. Microsoft Teams

By now everyone knows that Microsoft Teams is due to replace Skype for Business. But Teams is not just the next version of Skype, it is so much more than that. Teams combines the chat functionality with a wider array of communication and collaboration features. Microsoft is calling Teams a single hub for all your teamwork that brings together chat,

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Cyber Security

Creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness at global organizations

The Client A leading organization in the field of heavy machinery with operations all around the globe. With over 80 years of life, the company has grown to become the first provider in its category, serving thousands of clients in all continents and operating from offices spread in several countries. Download the PDF of this

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ExperienceChange™ Workshop in Vancouver

Change Champions Consulting delivered the first ever open-enrollment ExperienceChange™ workshop in Vancouver

Delivered by Agustin Del Vento, Director, Change Champions Consulting Inc., our ExperienceChangeTM change management certification workshop was a total success! More than 30 leaders from 11 companies joined us in a day full of energy and packed with experiential learning and fun. The discussion was centered on the “what to do” (tools and process) and

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Change Management Training

Change Management Training: 5 Benefits of simulation learning

The ways through which people develop new skills have changed over time. Traditional methods such as page-turning courses and long static lectures have given space to videos, mobile applications, and other interactive learning platforms. One of the most successful tools currently disrupting the industry is e-learning simulations. In these environments, participants are digitally exposed to

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Learn How to Navigate and Lead Change in Your Organization with ExperienceChange™

  The ExperienceChangeTM certification, used by leading organizations across the globe, is available for the first time in Vancouver as an open enrollment course. Don’t miss it!   Creating buy-in is difficult work. Organizations that are good at change are able to quickly align people around new ways of doing things in response to opportunities

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