Better teamwork starts here.

Put Microsoft 365 and Teams to work for your teams. Microsoft Teams is about so much more than calls and chat. It’s a convenient and easy-to-use online hub for better teamwork. Are you getting the most value from this powerful platform?

Why invest in Microsoft Teams adoption?

Microsoft Teams has everything your employees need to connect, collaborate, and work more effectively. Ultimately, Teams can improve your bottom line.

Improve teamwork and streamline your technology stack

Host effective virtual meetings, webinars, and large scale events

Empower employees to work from anywhere and any device (no VPN required)

Reduce email “clutter” and improve collaboration

How we can help.

Technical implementation is the easy part. Onboarding, training, and engaging users is where we add value to ensure your Teams investment pays dividends.

  • Change management experts to ensure a pain-free Teams deployment
  • An adoption platform with curated resources
  • Live training, experiential learning, and group sessions
  • Communication strategy, planning, and support
  • Adoption reports to measure changes in behavior and effectiveness

Microsoft Teams Accelerator

Introducing Microsoft Teams for the first time or looking for a seamless transition from other platforms?

  • Drive Teams adoption and usage in weeks
  • Transform communication and collaboration practices

Modern Workplace Envisioning Workshop

This online workshop is a key step to realizing your Modern Digital Workplace transformation goals.

  • Understand the “Art of the Possible” in Microsoft 365
  • Uncover key business priorities and align them to Microsoft 365 capabilities

Skype/WebEx/Zoom to Teams Program

Upgrade and transition from Skype for Business to Teams with a minimum of fuss and upheaval for your employees.

  • Seamless transition to Microsoft Teams
  • Get a prioritized, actionable transition plan to streamline your technology environment
  • Expert change management and training support

Managed Adoption Services

From recurring newsletters and timely tips to webinars and targeted training sessions, we'll create a tailored adoption program to prepare your organization for the constant changes in the Microsoft stack.

  • Adoption platform to onboard users and change at scale
  • Increase adoption through engagement and gamification
  • Create an effective learning journey using personalized, attractive, and modern training materials

Ready for more effective teams?

We make change easy by ensuring a pain-free Teams deployment for IT teams and their users.