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Executive Coaching Questions, Part II

How to review expectations, explore resources and solutions, and create insights on your coachee. In Executive Coaching Questions,Part I, I reviewed some of the questions you—as a coach, boss, colleague, or husband/wife—can use to initiate a conversation to define the goals and contract of your coaching conversation. This post reviews some of the questions you

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Utilizing Change Champions to Effectively Deploy a New Expense Management Portal

Change Management: Utilizing Change Champions to Effectively Deploy a New Expense Management Portal

The Change Management Challenge: Our client wanted to introduce a new Expense Management portal in their head office The system was meant to deliver better control and replaced the current expense process which relied, largely, on manual submissions and approvals of expenses The Question: How do we ensure that all expense submitters and approvers are

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Executive Coaching Questions, Part I

How to define the coaching goals and ensure a solid contract. In this first blog post on Executive Coaching Questions, I’d like to review some common questions that you can use at the beginning of your coaching conversation to define the coaching goals and establish a clear coaching contract. Future posts will focus on the

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How to get the most of your Executive Coaching experience?

Executive coaching is an invaluable tool to help you approach personal and professional challenges. However, coaching is both a personal and monetary investment and for that reason it is essential that you ensure that it pays off. In this article, we will provide some tips to help you make the most of your coaching. 1

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Change Management: Why Training isn’t enough to get people onboard?

In our experience working with organizations on change initiatives, end user training is oftentimes seen as the ideal activity to get people up to speed with the change. The assumption is that, once people leave the training session, they will be well prepared to cope and embrace the change. There are a number of problems

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