ExperienceChange™: A different way to develop change management skills

Creating buy-in is difficult work. Organizations that are good at change management are able to quickly align people around new ways of doing things in response to opportunities or threats. Those that master it build resilience and an enduring competitive advantage.

We want to talk about a new way to build change capabilities in your teams, one that is more aligned with today’s face paced and connected world. Let us tell you why you should try ExperienceChange™.

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About ExperienceChange™

ExperienceChange™ is an award-winning e-learning simulation that enables participants to explore and quickly experience change management theory in action. The experience simulates the challenges of real world change without real world scars and allows participants to receive immediate feedback on their decisions as they work to increase buy-in.

How does ExperienceChange™ work?

ExperienceChange™ takes a different approach to learning. In contrast to more traditional training approaches relying heavily on PowerPoint slides, with ExperienceChange™ participants are taken out of their comfort zones and asked to learn by doing while working in teams, taking the role of change consultants tasked with helping a fictitious organization, “Global Tech.”

As they progress through the experience, they interview several stakeholders to understand the situation at Global Tech and develop a change plan to help this organization succeed. As the plan is implemented participants receive feedback, both qualitative and quantitative, requiring them to make changes to their plan.

Suitable for everyone

Unlike other change management training programs, ExperienceChangeTM was designed for all levels of the organization (not just those taking the role of change consultants). The idea behind ExperienceChangeTM is to develop change capability while creating an energizing learning environment.

You are not alone

Over 100 thousand leaders from organizations such as Exxon Mobil, Pepsico, Cisco, Microsoft, Bayer, and universities such as the Warton School of Management have benefited from Experience Change.

What are people saying?

“This was the ‘best’ change management session I have ever taken. It was the perfect mix of theory, discussion and simulation.” 

“The simulation is a solid learning application, with real personality types encountered in the workplace, and solidifies the learning experience in a fun way!”

“A great team building, educational, experience that is truly applicable to any workplace.” “ExperienceChange is an amazing learning experience – everyone that participated had fun, was challenged, and learned a lot.”

If you’d like to learn more about ExperienceChange™, watch this 90 second video of the experience or contact us for a FREE one hour “mini challenge” where we present a shortened experience of the simulation and answer any questions you may have about the training. This is an excellent way to see how ExperienceChange™ may fit in your organization.

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