Experience change in action

Real change experience without the real scars. ExperienceChange™ is an award-winning training workshop, delivered virtually or in-person. It simulates the challenges of real-world change to enable participants to explore and experience change management theory in action.

ExperienceChange™ enables people to...

  • Quickly turn powerful ideas and solutions into reality
  • Speak and act with a common language
  • Align and engage stakeholders around new ways of doing things
  • Build a highly engaged culture of execution

ExperienceChange™ enables organizations to...

  • Introduce new products, processes, and technologies for competitive advantage
  • Move quickly and adapt to a changing environment
  • Minimize risk of project misfires and delays
  • Strengthen credibility with customers, employees, and other stakeholders
"Participants came out of the training energized and enthused to practice their newly acquired methods and tools. We have already seen a shift in how we approach projects at STEMCELL Technologies." —Tyler Cheyne, Talent Development Program Manager, STEMCELL Technologies

A year of change experience in one day.

ExperienceChange™ delivers the essentials of a year-long change journey in a one-day workshop. Participants engage with the behaviours, tools, and skill sets that make change happen.

Learn why so many strategies stumble at the point of execution

Know to keep everyone aligned, engaged, and moving forward

Be able to quickly build change capability without putting the business at risk

Who it's for

  • High-potential leaders or senior leaders sponsoring change initiatives
  • Managers at all levels of experience and change sophistication
  • Intact and/or cross-functional teams working on a change initiative
  • Project managers and/or internal change specialists

How it works

  • Expert-guided workshop backed by 20+ years of research, industry insights, and results
  • Participants get to roll up their sleeves and tackle a realistic change project
  • More than 75% of the time is spent on team-based project work, leading a change from analysis through to planning and implementation
"Very valuable two days! I feel better prepared to lead changes and transform my organization."
—Suzie Smibert, Director and Chief Information Officer, FinningCAT

Make change your competitive advantage

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