Our change management training programs can help you build the skills you need in a fast paced environment. At the onset of each engagement, we work with our clients to review their expectations and ensure our solutions address their unique requirements.


ExperienceChange™ is an award winning one-day e-learning simulation that enables participants to explore and quickly experience change management theory in action. The experience simulates the challenges of real world change without real world scars and allows participants to receive immediate feedback on their decisions as they work to increase buy-in.

ExperienceChange™ takes a different approach to learning where participants “learn by doing” and is energizing way to build teams and learn how to manage change.

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Leading Change: Putting Theory into Practice

This course complements and expands on ExperienceChange™ and will challenge your teams to develop a change management plan that they can implement immediately.

Who should attend this training?

  • High Potential Leaders or Senior Leaders sponsoring change initiatives
  • Managers at all levels of experience and change sophistication
  • Intact and/or cross-functional teams working on a change initiative
  • Project managers and/or internal change specialists

Workshop format

  • On-site facilitated full day, half day or two day session
  • Groups are divided into small teams to tackle class exercises
  • 75% of their time, participants are "learning by doing"
As an ExperienceChange™ and Prosci® certified organizational change management professional, Agustin has more than ten years of experience in the field of change management.

Throughout his career, Agustin has delivered change programs and learning experiences for organizations in several countries including Canada, US, Germany, Singapore, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, and Spain. Agustin’s clients include organizations in diverse sectors such as Finning, Western Forrest Products, BHP Billiton, Fortis BC, Goldcorp, BC Hydro, Suncor, Teck Resources Limited, Yamana Gold, STEMCELL Technologies, and Vancity.

Prior to founding Change Champions Consulting, Agustin worked with two of the world’s top consulting firms (Accenture and Deloitte) and, as a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation, he surpassed 500 coaching hours supporting leaders’ growth. Agustin holds a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Victoria, Canada, where he specialized in face to face communication.

“Very valuable two days! I feel better prepared to lead changes and transform my organization.”
- Suzie Smibert, Director and Chief Information Security Officer, Finning