Change Management Certifications: where to start?


From entry to senior level, change practitioners often feel the need to get a Change Management certification to increase competitiveness and advance in the career. Even though these credentials are not a pre-requisite to work in the industry, they make it easier for companies to assess core abilities of a professional. As a result, they are becoming popular.

Offered by private organizations and industry associations, these assessments and courses were designed to certify professional capabilities according to international standards. However, choosing the best certification to suit your needs can be tricky. We have put together a list of recognized change management certifications and workshops to get you started. Enjoy!


Organization: Prosci

Pros: Highly recognized in the market, it presents strong methodologies, making difficult concepts become easy. Usually applied by large consulting firms, such as Accenture, Delloite, and PwC, it is a good choice for Change Managers. It does not expire.

Cons: A traditional approach to learning (slides and exercises facilitated by an instructor). Highly theoretical, not interactive. Not very suitable for Business Analysts.

Investment: $4,260 USD. Includes the exam, the training, accommodation, and meals (multiple locations).

Length: 3 days of training and assessment.

Eligibility: There is no prerequisite.



Organization: ACMP (The Association of Change Management Professionals)

Pros: It offers the  CCMPTM credential and provides a list of Qualified Education Providers to train applicants in Change Management. The format of each training will vary according to the supplier. Suitable for Change Managers.

Cons: Not very suitable for Business Analysts. It expires in 3 years.

Investment: $ 745 USD (members), $ 595 USD (non-members). Includes the exam only, not the training.

Length: A minimum of 21 hours of training is recommended before sitting exams, which are taken in one day. 

Eligibility: A 4-year degree (or international equivalent) and 3 years (4200 hours) of Change Management experience. Or, Secondary education (high school or international equivalent) and 5 years (7000 hours) of Change Management experience.



Organization: CMI (Change Management Institute)

Pros: Offers accreditations for different levels of experience. The Foundation certification applies a competency model (written and practical) designed to identify the skills of a practitioner in the early stages of their careers. The Master certification includes a written submission, a reference checking, and a one-day assessment where the participant is set a live case study and required to present in front of independent assessors. Suitable for Change Managers.

Cons: Accreditations are for members only and the process is long, generally taking more than one month. It expires in 3 years. Not suitable for Business Analysts.

Investment: $ 960 USD (Foundation), $1,990 USD (Master I and II).  Values are approximate. Applicants with Prosci and APMG certifications get a special pricing.

Eligibility: The Foundation is indicated for those with 1-3 years of experience in Change Management. The Master is recommended for those with at least 5 years of experience.



Organization: APMG (Accrediting Professional Managers Globally)

Pros: Developed in partnership with CMI, it offers two levels of certification: Foundation (for early stages of the career) and Practitioner (for senior professionals). They provide a list of Accredited Training Organizations to help applicants get prepared. Exams can be taken online. Suitable for Change Managers and Business Analysts. The Foundation course does not expire.

Cons: APMG is a general examination Institute, specialized in certification processes for different industries. It works with a standard evaluation process, which does not include practical assessment. The Practitioner course expires in 5 years.

Investment: $302 USD

Length: The exam takes 40 minutes and is composed of 50 multiple questions.

Eligibility: No prerequisite.



Organization: IMA (Implementation Management Associates)

Pros: They work with AIM (Accelerated Accreditation Methodology) and offer a 2-day Introduction Course or a 4-day Accreditation Program for individuals. Companies can also request a tailor-made offers. The program presents a lot of practical opportunities. Suitable for Project Managers and business leaders. It does not expire.

Cons: Not very suitable for Business Analysts.

Investment: $1,355 USD (Introduction), $3,500 USD (AIM Accreditation)

Length: The certification takes  4 days.

Eligibility: It is recommended to have previous Change Management knowledge for the Accreditation Program, but it is not a prerequisite.


Now that you already know some Change Management certifications available in the market, which one will you choose? Do you recommend any others? Leave your message below!


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