Creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness at global organizations

The Client

A leading organization in the field of heavy machinery with operations all around the globe. With over 80 years of life, the company has grown to become the first provider in its category, serving thousands of clients in all continents and operating from offices spread in several countries.

Download the PDF of this study case here: Change Champions Consulting- Case Study Cybersecurity


The Challenge

Technology opened the door to a more connected world, bringing a vast array of opportunities to individuals and business. On the down side, it also brought many risks, mainly associated with data protection. Attentive to the increasing rate of cyber attacks around the globe, our client realized the need to provide extra security tools to the organization as a whole, surpassing the boundaries of the IT team. This transformation was perceived as essential in maintaining the reliability of its world-wide services.

The challenge was to transform individual mindsets and behavior related to the use of organizational information systems, reducing vulnerabilities, and protecting the company’s systems and data thoroughly. With teams spread across several countries, the need escalated fast: the project had to be delivered in a consistent and creative way, in multiple languages and adapt to local culture in each of the regions where they were present.


The Solution

An international Cybersecurity Awareness Program was designed and deployed with the support of the Change Champions Consulting team. Relying on strong and dedicated sponsors within the organization, the initiative focused on education and training as critical lines of defense.

The development of a global ambassador network multiplied the information in different locations and strengthened the integration of key areas of the company. The project also included a security homepage in which all program content (posters, infographics, employee stories, tips and tricks, etc.) was accessible to the employees. It created a central and direct channel for education, questions, suggestions, and active participation.

Multiple awareness actions were conducted simultaneously, working in close collaboration with Information Security and Communications teams: learning sessions designed in-house or featuring external speakers, contests, surveys, quarterly phishing campaigns, monthly e-newsletters, videos, posters, and infographics, among others.


The Impact

Within ten months of implementation, the Cyber Security Awareness Program reached more than 13,000 employees across the United Kingdom, Canada, and South America. The company recorded a substantial increase in user reporting for insecure behaviours, signaling high employee engagement levels. Additionally, as a result of the success of the initiative, the client saw a significant decrease in imitation phishing messages opened across all its locations around the globe.

As an ongoing initiative, the company continues to increase delivery avenues to grow the visibility of the program through multiple teams and metrics.

Download the PDF of this study case here: Change Champions Consulting- Case Study Cybersecurity


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