The Best Microsoft 365 Adoption Resources for IT Professionals

Over the past few years, Microsoft has done a great job at compiling adoption best practices and resources. To help you in your adoption journey, we put together a list of our favorite resources. If you have questions or need help, please get in touch.

Microsoft 365 Adoption

Created by the Microsoft Adoption team, this is a one-stop-shop site for all your adoption needs in apps like Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, Lists, and more.

Resources included in this site include flipbooks, checklists, and self-serve training. Check it out!

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Microsoft Live and On Demand Training

Training is a big part of the adoption story. This Live and On Deman training page features upcoming sessions delivered by Microsoft.

Tip! Filter by product to find the sessions you are looking for.

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Microsoft Support

The Microsoft Support page offers an array of self-serve, out of the box, training resources that you can leverage to support your Microsoft 365 adoption efforts.

Tip! Add this as a link in your intranet or, even better, consider provisioning Learning Pathways (next up) as an intranet site.

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Microsoft Learning Pathways

This pre-created SharePoint Online template can work as the Microsoft 365 training page in your intranet. Your internal adoption team can easily customize this the Learning Pathways site and add or remove content that is not applicable to you.

Tip! Create an app from this SharePoint site and pin the app to Microsoft Teams for quick and easy access!

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Microsoft Tech Community Blogs  

Another great way to drive adoption is to stay on top of recent updates. Encourage your Champions to subscribe to Microsoft Blogs in a range of topics such as Teams, ToDo, Planner, or Viva.

Tip! Copy the RSS feed link from the blog and create a Microsoft Flow to send yourself an email digest with new blog posts.

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Microsoft 365 Roadmap

Feature requests and improvements being worked on by Microsoft are shared by Microsoft in their official roadmap.

Tip! Consider creating an adoption plan to make users aware of the changes that have recently landed in your tenant. For example, Microsoft is currently rolling out a new “Shared” experience in OneDrive (feature 117426), a change that will improve the sharing experience of your users.

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Microsoft Feedback Portal (formerly known as “User Voice”)

Feedback communities are available for most Microsoft 356 applications, from Word, Excel, Outlook, to Teams, SharePoint and Viva. Visit this page to look up the most frequent user requests and Microsoft’s responses.

Tip! Filter by “Most Votes” and “Working on it” to learn about what Microsoft is working on and encourage your Champions to vote on the ideas you like. Below is an example of one of our favorite ones for Teams.

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We hope that you find these resources useful.

If you need a hand driving adoption of Microsoft 365 or Teams, just book a free consultation with us.  

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